Identitätssuche: wir sind Social Artists

Wir sind Social Artists“ war die Aussage und gleichzeitig auch Frage unserer Chefin Jutta Pauschenwein, als sie Erika Pernold und mich zu unserem ersten ZML-Leseclub Treffen eingeladen hat. Wir haben alle die Arbeit von Etienne Wenger (2009) „Social Learning Capability: Four Essays on innovation and learning in social systems“ gelesen und uns in einem gemütlichen Kaffeehaus auf eine sehr intensive Diskussion eingelassen.


Martin Weller’s „Next-big-thingism“

Although Martin Weller, professor of eduactional technology at the Open University in the UK, advocates the great potential of digital technologies in teaching and research, he does point out that our new  practices come along with many drawbacks and serious concerns. In his book The Digital Scholar: How Technology Is Transforming Scholarly Practice he wrote a very interesting chapter that deals with the most common concerns, mainly because „as we can’t know what those benefits are if we don’t engage with technology, so will we be unaware of what we lose if we do not apply our critical faculties to technology adoption“.


m-learning achievements and promisses

 What I also found interesting while reading Abas et al (2010) Paper on m-learning with the use of sms, was to make a list of all mentioned goals, that mobile learning is promissing or currently achieving.

Learning becomes enhanced, seamless and ubiquitous.


How and why to use sms in your teaching practice

Just read the paper „Engaging ODL learners through Mobile Learning at Open University Malaysia: Formal education: Technologies for scaling up ODL programmes“ written by Zoraini Wati Abas, Tina Lim and Norazlina Mohamad, that helped me get an idea of how SMS services are beeing or can be used for teaching and why.

The key to success seems to be the didactical concept named “push and pull”.


Setting my targets

Main aim and objective of the latest MOOC Change: Education, Learning and Technology, is to help course participants “become accomplished creators and critics of ideas and knowledge”. I realy hope to become that one day, which is why I signed up for the course yesterday, and why I created this blog today.

Off course I wish to learn from the leading experts in the field and connect with learners and practitioners all over the world. And my concrete goals in terms of my selfdirected learning skills are to: