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#cope14 : Competences for Global Collaboration

I have signed up for the MOOC #cope14, a Massive Open Online Course on various Issues around Global Collaboration. The course starts on 22. of April (next week already) and will run for 6 weeks.

The first week is a welcoming week, as I understand a chance to get to know the way this course works, to organise and plan own learning activities, and to get to know (some) of the other participants. It would be great to get the chance to exchange with people from so many different countries.

The next 4 weeks concentrate on issues of legal cultures, business in emerging markets, relationshiops and networks in business to business marketing, as well as international communication and negotiation.  Many of the terms mentioned in the introductions of the topics are new to me, since I was never interested in business or law. I have always been interested in communication though and thats why I look forward to find out how the different topics will fit together and what I am about to learn. Who knows? After this course I might be able to say: I am interested in business and law! This will be a significant learning achievement of the course.

The last week will be a week to sum up everything and consider how the new ideas fit into what I already know and to where I want to go. I guess…

Thats my understanding of what will happen in the course and look forward to next week.